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Here’s the thing, you watch a lot of movies. Sometimes you go on dates but, your dates are never like they show in those Hollywood movies such as ‘Pretty Woman’- where she gets taken shopping for a gorgeous dress, and then they fly on a private plane to a secret destination. I mean, really, as if anyone ever goes on a date like that! Well, I’m here to tell you that’s all wrong! Where do writers get these ideas from then? It’s because it actually happens. Okay, I know what you’re thinking “It doesn’t happen to an ordinary girl like me.” Hey, I’m just an ordinary girl too, but as you might expect, I’m about to tell you about that one time when I went on a Fairytale Date

It all started a few years ago when I was living in Queenstown, New Zealand and we matched on Tinder. The guy I was dating had just ended things. A few days earlier I’d also had a bad snowboarding accident, so was stuck in bed with little more attention span than looking at profiles on Tinder whilst in my drugged-up brain fog. I’m not even sure I realized I was not capable of physically meeting anyone, the pain killers were working that well. Anyways, I matched with Matthew, a tourist from Australia in town for a ski holiday. Even though I explained we couldn’t meet, he was very sweet and thoughtful with his messages, and we messaged heaps. We continued to keep in touch, as I regularly visited a best gf in Sydney, so there was always a chance to meet in the future.

Who would guess that eight months later I was leaving New Zealand on my way to live in Cambodia, with a stop in Sydney for a week to see my gf and her family. Although Matthew frequently traveled internationally for work, luck would have it that he would be in town a couple of the days that I was. At first he mentioned already having plans to watch his football team play live, but then changed his plans to meet me. Matthew offered to meet in the CBD where I was staying with my gf, and said he would pick me up. I was worried about him drinking and then having to drive home as I knew he lived in a far off suburb, but he said not to worry about any of that. It all felt rather mysterious- and this is how our fairytale date began

Around 6pm, I exited my gf’s apartment building to find him waiting for me, standing beside a car. It wasn’t just any car though. It was a Town Car, and there was a driver! I got in and thought “Holy shit! There’s a fucking chauffeur!” Our drive wasn’t actually very long, as we were apparently headed just down the road to the rooftop bar & lounge of the Shangri- La Hotel for sunset! Holy shit again! We were going to a five star hotel for drinks! When we arrived, Matthew, of course, was greeted by name. We enjoyed cocktails in the bar while the sun set, as we waited for a table in the lounge with a view of the Harbour Bridge. About a half hour later we were shown to our table, where he ordered us Verve Cliqout Rose– remembering from our previous conversations that I’d mentioned I liked it. We chatted and sipped on champagne looking out over the lit up city, and when our bottle was finished, and Matthew insisted on paying, we left to have dinner.

I didn’t know it until we arrived, and only a short distance from the Shangri- La, but Matthew had earlier made a dinner reservation for a five-course degustation at Bentley. He’d also confirmed that they could do mine vegetarian. Wow! I don’t generally get impressed easily, but so far this was adding up to be a pretty fucking spectacular night! This guy remembered things from our conversations, took initiative to organize our entire date, and was insisting on paying! Along with our dinner we enjoyed another bottle of lovely champagne, then an apres-dinner cocktail in the bar. When our chauffeur eventually dropped me back at my gf’s place around midnight, I felt like I was Cinderella and had just been to the ball!

Now I know you all are asking “Did you kiss??”. Yes, there was a small one but, he ended up being a perfect gentleman. He walked me to the building door, and our magical date ended there. Okay, now you’re asking “Have you been on another date since?” “Have you seen each other again?”. The answer is no, as our schedules have just never matched up until now! Next weekend we will be meeting in Singapore for another date! Matthew has a layover there for a work trip, so it is a perfect excuse for me to travel somewhere. I’m excited to catch up with him again, as he was intelligent, funny, charming, thoughtful, and handsome. Champagne and a degustation dinner really were like the icing on a cake! Of course, I expect that this time will also be nothing short of amazing. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams? Hell yeah! Bring on Fairytale Date #2! Oh, and Hollywood- start taking notes.

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