Hi, I’m Joss. I’ve been traveling, living, working, and dating my way around the world since 2003. Having been to over 40 countries and lived in 8 of them, Siem Reap, Cambodia is currently home. When I’m not going on dates looking for Mr. Right and sharing those stories here, you can find me poolside with a cocktail and book, or planning my next travel adventure.

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The First Time I Fell in Love

The first time I fell in love I was seven years old. 

Okay, maybe it wasn’t actually love. A crush? Puppy love? What would you call it? — What I do know is, his name was Gary, he was two years older than me, and also the neighbor boy of my grandparents. 

Shortly after starting primary school, I had begun spending summer holidays on my grandparent’s farm. – A place that I now think of as “my happiest place on earth”. Let’s go back to the beginning though.

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I got 99 problems but a dick ain’t one!

Have you ever dated someone and when it ended, you were worried you would run into them? Maybe you live in a small town like I do, so you know there’s a good chance you’ll end up seeing them at that one cafe you always go to? Or the supermarket? Maybe passing them on the…

Sex (less) in the City- 2 -The Saga continues

I had a dream the other night I was dating someone… In it, I remember talking to my girlfriends about him. I remember them asking if I had had sex with him yet. I hadn’t, because I didn’t know him well enough to trust he wasn’t a player. It turns out that my friends knew…

And then He kissed Me

If you’ve read some of my posts before, you might remember me telling you about a few memorable or even game changer kisses— There was that one time when I went on multiple dates with four “Bachelors” over ten days, and when Bachelor #1 kissed me on our fourth date, I was breathless after. Then…

Chivalry isn’t Dead

Dating was difficult in 2020 and prospects still don’t look much better at the start of 2021. The last person I dated also ended in catastrophe- so much so, I’m not sure when I’ll be emotionally capable to write about it here. Instead, I want to share about one of the nicest dates I’ve ever…


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