The First Time I Fell in Love

The first time I fell in love I was seven years old. Okay, maybe it wasn’t actually love. A crush? Puppy love? What would you call it? — What I do know is, his name was Gary, he was two years older than me, and also the neighbor boy of my grandparents farm. Shortly after […]

Tinder Profiles- 101- for Men!

All right guys! Guys as in men! Isolation is almost over everywhere around the world, dating is getting back into full swing again. It’s the perfect time to spruce up and sort out your profiles on Tinder, or Bumble, or whatever app you use to date, — or get laid on. Let’s be honest, because […]

Once upon a time in Singapore…

There once was a girl who, a few years earlier, had been on a fairytale date with a handsome, charming man, whilst on holiday in Australia. They kept in touch over the years, and finally the time had come for them to meet again- this time in Singapore. As the girl was currently living in […]

The One That Isn’t the One

So you guys probably guessed from the title, that this post is obviously not about me finding Mr. Right. In my debut post I talked about my Mr. Right checklist and some of the things he needs to tick off to be eligible to be the one. As it’s been almost a year since that […]

Love, actually

I was once asked by a guy on Tinder “What is the one thing you would most like to be asked?” This was in reference to someone you were dating or interested in. Still in our infancy messaging stage, it was refreshing to have posed what eventually became a few meaningful questions. It was also […]

Sex (less) in the City

Awww, Love in the Time of Cholera — Opps, I mean Love in the Time of Coronavirus. Okay, really what the fuck I am saying, there ain’t no love happening right now for a lot of us — Unless, of course, you were one of those lucky single people on Tinder or Bumble who found […]

Fairytale Date- ✔

Here’s the thing, you watch a lot of movies. Sometimes you go on dates — but, your dates are never like they show in those Hollywood movies such as ‘Pretty Woman’- where she gets taken shopping for a gorgeous dress, and then they fly on a private plane to a secret destination. I mean, really, […]

The “Game”

When did dating become such a game? Okay, I know– there are quite a few books written about this because it’s not actually an entirely new concept. I’ve even read one such book The Game when I was dating a guy who happened to have a copy. He “apparently” borrowed it from a friend. – […]

Are you two on a Tinder date?

Let’s imagine you live in a small town, and you have an impending Tinder date. Now, even if you’re fine with meeting someone from Tinder, do you really want the world to know that you are? Is it really anyone’s business? Unless you’re one of those people looking for fame and have signed up for […]

Lock up your sons! — There’s a Cougar on the loose!

With all the dates I’ve been going on so far this year, and some recent to-my-face labelling with likely more behind my back, it’s gotten me thinking. — “When did it become okay to call an older woman a “Cougar”? At what age did I have to turn, to seemingly become very desirable to younger […]

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