Once upon a time in Singapore…

There once was a girl who, a few years earlier, had been on a fairytale date with a handsome, charming man, whilst on holiday in Australia. They kept in touch over the years, and finally the time had come for them to meet again- this time in Singapore. As the girl was currently living in Cambodia, it was only a two hour flight to get there. Here tells the story of how this girl and boy met once again for another fairytale date.

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It’s the morning of my flight to Singapore, and excitement is an understatement! It has been almost four years since Matthew and I had finally met in person, and had our first date. This second date was long overdue! Having left my house at 7am, with an 830am flight out of Siem Reap, a layover in Kuala Lumpur, and a short flight delay, I didn’t land in Singapore until 430pm. Add getting through the airport and the taxi ride there, it was after 530pm when I finally arrived to the Hilton at Orchard Road, where my date Matthew was staying.

When my taxi pulled up to the hotel, I experienced a complete “Bachelorette” moment- the part where it shows the man watch the woman arrive and get out of the car. It was super surreal! There he was, after all these years, looking just as handsome as ever, and in a suit no less. Good thing I packed a couple of very nice dresses! We headed back to the room so I could freshen up before our 645pm dinner reservation. Matthew had already taken the liberty of ordering champagne for us, which was sitting on ice ready and waiting. I know I shouldn’t have been that surprised considering our last date, but when the room was actually a suite and there was a bottle of Perriet Jouet champagne to drink while I got ready for dinner, I was pretty blown away. Things were getting off to a fucking amazing start!

Okay- let’s rewind a moment and just take this all in. A five star hotel with Cartier and Rolex as it’s shops on the ground floor, a hotel suite boasting two bathrooms, a huge bath tub, lounge, two balconies, and chilled champagne on arrival- Holy shit! Could this get any better??!! Oh it does, because this is only the beginning, and we still had 23 hrs left of our date!

After doing a quick catwalk of the dress choices, I put on Matthew’s pick, and we headed downstairs to our town car, complete with chauffeur, to take us to our dinner destination. We arrived just in time for sunset. Being Singapore, I knew there were no shortage of fantastic dinner venues to go to, and that the sky was the limit on where we could dine. Little did I know that was literally the case when we arrived to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and went up 57 floors to the roof top for dinner at Ce La Vi. Fucking wow! I remember taking pictures of this iconic structure on my first trip to Singapore, knowing I could never afford even one drink there. Now, however, I was being escorted with Matthew to our window table!

On being sat, our host asked if we wanted a sommelier. Originally saying yes, Matthew then suggested we stick with “bubbles”. As if I was going to say no to that! Matthew then ordered us a bottle of Dom Perignon!! I think I was actually fucking speechless there for a moment! I don’t generally get impressed easily, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be causally sipping on one of the best vintage champagnes produced, and on a date no less.

Anybody who knows me, knows I am far from materialistic, and could care less about brand names. However, after working in hospitality for almost 13 years- where I first learnt about Dom Perignon champagne, as well as living predominantly on a modest budget for the last +17 years, I could appreciate how special this night was. I also felt lucky to be spending it with someone who was so thoughtful and generous.

”Dom Perignon has become the most celebrated brand of premium quality champagnes on the planet.”


By the way, the champagne was absolutely fucking phenomenal! Dinner was great, and dessert was to die for! Ce La Vie is an asian restaurant, so we shared some yummy dishes, then a Chocolate Lava Cake complete with dry ice- it looked like it was erupting! After, we decided to check out the bar on the patio for cocktails. We had a couple drinks there, then Matthew suggested we go to a new bar that had just won heaps of awards. Not surprisingly being a Saturday, it was at capacity, and although he tried, money couldn’t buy us past the waitlist. We ended up enjoying cocktails next door until the bar closed at 1am.

Pleasantly tipsy, we asked our driver to take us back to the hotel. So, now this is where things get tricky. I’m staying in Matthew’s hotel room with him, there is only one, albeit huge, bed. He has paid for everything, except my flight, and Singapore is not cheap! He is attractive- although older than what I normally go for, considerate, charming, intelligent, and a great conversationalist. The evening was nothing short of a Hollywood movie script.- An ordinary girl who grew up with money always being tight, who then meets a handsome, sophisticated man. This man organizes and takes her on a date to one of the best restaurant and bars in the world, and proceeds to pay for it all with his black Amex card. It’s a little bit like a Cinderella story- girl meeting up with what could be her handsome prince but, the “ball” this time, just happens to be Singapore! Except—

Not used this type of lavishness, and in general, not letting a guy even buy me a drink at a bar, as “he might expect something in return”, you can imagine how I felt a bit like the character Julia Roberts plays in Pretty Woman. I mean, wouldn’t a guy who paid for everything expect sex, especially when I’m staying with him? Is there obligation now? Okay, I know you all want to know, the burning question. “Did you sleep with him?” Well, we’ll get back to that question later. In the meantime…

It’s the morning, and both of us luckily feel only slightly worse for wear. We headed to the VIP Executive Lounge for a buffet breakfast with proper espresso coffee. After, we spent the next couple hours lounging poolside, before going downstairs for lunch on Orchard Road. We picked a little sidewalk cafe, perfect for people watching. I had asked to pay before we got there, but once again, when the bill came Matthew took it and payed, noting that I had flown there. Okay, I couldn’t really argue there. Shortly after, it was time to pack up our stuff, and get a taxi to the airport. We said goodbye at check in, with promises to meet again much sooner than the almost four years it had been.

Oh, you still want to know if I slept with him, don’t you? Well, the answer is no. Although he was very flirtatious, with a few cheeky comments thrown in, by the time we got back to the hotel, I think alcohol had gotten the better of both of us. On Matthew’s part, he had also been taking strong painkillers having only recently had reconstructive knee surgery and been cleared to fly for work. And me, well, I barely slept the night before out of excitement, then was up early for the flight. On top of that, travel always exhausts me. I’m pretty sure we passed out mid-conversation, or well, that’s what I remember anyways.

To be honest, I was kind of relieved. Even though I knew there might be an expectation of sex, which I was honestly okay with, in the end I guess I just wasn’t wanting him to be another Mr. Right-Now. Having sex with Matthew, I reckon, would have cheapened the experience we shared. I also know Matthew isn’t looking for a serious relationship, having sworn them off after a failed marriage. Although our dates are amazing, admittedly, we are not looking for the same thing. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a great time when we do meet. I also get the feeling “wining and dining” a girl is pretty standard for Matthew when he travels for work. Why not have a companion to eat and drink with in a foreign country, if you can?

Matthew and I talked during our date, and since, about trying to meet up for our next date a lot sooner. Almost four years between dates is much too long! Writing this now, and just thinking about meeting him again, I’m excited! It is not often that you get to have a fairytale date with a guy. One who plans it all, so it’s a little bit mysterious. You get driven around by a chauffeur. You dine at the top-rated restaurants. You drink vintage champagne in bars with the best views of the city. You stay in five star hotels, that just happen to have a few lamborginis parked outside! I love the idea of meeting him again, in who knows what country or city, wondering where we will go, and which beautiful dress I should wear. Our dates are more than a fairytale, they are an adventure! Matthew might not be my Mr. Right, but going on dates with him is fucking fun and fabulous, so I’ll keep on going on them until Mr. Right comes along.

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