Being the “Bachelorette” -Part 2

— So, Derek was finally back in town, and we met for Date #4 at a new cocktail bar. As with our other dates, we had a fantastic time! I especially remember laughing a lot. After a few cocktails, it was time to end our evening since it was a “school night”. As we walkedContinue reading “Being the “Bachelorette” -Part 2″

Being the “Bachelorette” -Part 1

It’s The Bachelorette- Siem Reap edition! So how does one do their own version of The Bachelorette when there is pretty much a shortage of men to date? Well, fortunately for me, it was high season in Siem Reap. High season= tourists! It can also sometimes mean an influx of expats who move here forContinue reading “Being the “Bachelorette” -Part 1″