Are you two on a Tinder date?

Let’s imagine you live in a small town, and you have an impending Tinder date. Now, even if you’re fine with meeting someone from Tinder, do you really want the world to know that you are? Is it really anyone’s business? Unless you’re one of those people looking for fame and have signed up forContinue reading “Are you two on a Tinder date?”

Lock up your sons! — There’s a Cougar on the loose!

With all the dates I’ve been going on so far this year, and some recent to-my-face labelling with likely more behind my back, it’s gotten me thinking. — “When did it become okay to call an older woman a “Cougar”? At what age did I have to turn, to seemingly become very desirable to youngerContinue reading “Lock up your sons! — There’s a Cougar on the loose!”

What happens in Bali, stays in Bali…

The other week I was able to get away to Bali for a few days. It was a trip to see a best gf and her family vacationing there, as well as have a little R & R from work. It was also a chance to go on a date or two in a placeContinue reading “What happens in Bali, stays in Bali…”

Being the “Bachelorette” -Part 2

— So, Derek was finally back in town, and we met for Date #4 at a new cocktail bar. As with our other dates, we had a fantastic time! I especially remember laughing a lot. After a few cocktails, it was time to end our evening since it was a “school night”. As we walkedContinue reading “Being the “Bachelorette” -Part 2″

Being the “Bachelorette” -Part 1

It’s The Bachelorette- Siem Reap edition! So how does one do their own version of The Bachelorette when there is pretty much a shortage of men to date? Well, fortunately for me, it was high season in Siem Reap. High season= tourists! It can also sometimes mean an influx of expats who move here forContinue reading “Being the “Bachelorette” -Part 1″

Is anybody else single out there?

Have you ever been asked multiple times over the years “Why is a great, cool girl like you single?” As flattering as that might seem, did you ever just want to reply “Because I’m fucking crazy!” to shut them up? Granted, not the best way to answer, but points for being a smart-ass! I reckon,Continue reading “Is anybody else single out there?”

Are you my Mr. Right?

Mr. Right?? Mr.Right-Now?? Mr. Wrong??!! — They say we learn from our mistakes, so I figure for all the Mr. Wrongs I’ve met, and even dated, surely I must be on the path to meeting Mr. Right soon? Soon-ish? Before I’m in a wheelchair needing hip replacement surgery??!! Oh god! I’m starting to sound desperate!Continue reading “Are you my Mr. Right?”